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Repair Help

Q: My digital maytag oven remains heated even though the temperature states it is at proper temperature. The temp indicator rises rather rapidly, yet its not very warm in the oven. What could be wrong?

A: Sounds like a defective oven sensor but your electronic control itself could be the problem.  I would first replace the sensor itself since it is more likely and least expensive to replace.

Q: Is the frost build-up in my freezer normal?

Q: My dryer is not finishing the drying cycle and my clothes are still damp, what could be wrong?

Q: Dishwasher is not draining it was really noisy for a couple of loads prior and now won't drain, what could be wrong?

Q: My LG model a/c unit is frosting on the front evaporator (cooling) coil behind the grill, what's wrong?

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